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Gender and Steroids

This is an interesting case. Basically, a girl transitioning to a boy is allowed to compete as a girl still, all while taking steroids. This is a further example of issues I talked about in the past where “unnatural” and “natural” have little meaning. Clearly, she is not natural, is getting an advantage over other females, and in the name of political correctness, is allowed to do it. Fairness it out the window, as is the safety of other female competitors.

I have no issues with anyone being want they want to be. But society should not bend to incorporate all aspects of someone’s life into the existing structure. She should be competing as a male, if at all. Given that she is allowed to take male hormones that positively influence recovery and strength, the fair thing to do would be, don’t compete at all, and look at that as a consequence of her life choice.


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Grinding Episode 29: Intensity Techniques (Part 1)

Thoughts on some advanced techniques to generate more intensity in your training sessions.

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Matt Cross

Matt Cross is an amazing professional wrestler and all around good guy. He’s known as Son of Havoc in Lucha Underground. He broke his leg in a match recently. It takes time to heal and working is obviously out of the question. If the feeling strikes you, you can support Matt by buying his t-shirts at or contributing through Paypal to him,

If you’re unfamiliar with Lucha Underground, here’s a good match,¬†


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