August 28

Colin Kaepernick (CK) and the National Anthem

Recently CK has made headlines for not standing for the National Anthem. He cites oppression of black people, stating “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color…”

Two things about this. The NFL is a business and people watch it to be entertained. Many of us watch it to get away from politics and the reminders of the problems in the country. Political stances have no place in the NFL. I refuse at this point to watch a 49’ers game given their inability to exercise control over their product. He is an employee. If he wants to protest, do it on his own time, and away from the game.

Second, I wonder how much CK has actually done for the black community instead of just posting on social media about injustices, many of which are not, but some are, no doubt. Has he put money into the communities, volunteered on a regular basis, and tried to change the communities? Or has he merely stood back from afar, like the typical social justice warrior, and think his part is “bringing attention” to it? CK, what do you really have in common with the inner city youth in Chicago or Oakland? You don’t know their struggles. It is interesting you’ve became this social justice warrior as your relationship grew with your current girlfriend, who holds these views. Are you a man or do you follow the trend? Do you have guilt, is that where this issues from?

CK is biracial. His “people” are white and black. He doesn’t come from a poor background, he was adopted by a middle class or better white family. The very flag you won’t stand for is the only reason you have anything in your life. It is clear that as your career slides, you are looking for a justification for your future benching. That’s right, and then you’ll claim racism for being outspoken. Watch it develop people. And the NFL could stop all of this by having a “no politics” policy at public events.

August 26

A Real Piece of Advice

When you focus as much on your recovery, as you do on your training, you will see results that you may not see otherwise. Break the trend of always tinkering with your training first; plan your recovery and the consider the appropriate amount of training for that amount of recovery.