September 28

Repetition Range of Motion Variations

One way to make a movement more intense and/or efficient is to vary the motions of repetitions. Typically this involves using a partial motion combined with a full motion. When you combine motions like these you may increase time under tension (TUT), so the repetition speed needs to be used in calculating the total time of a set.

Suppose you are doing 1.5 repetitions on the bench press. You are doing the part closest to your body as the half repetition.  You lower the weight full range, raise it half way, lower it back to the chest, and the raise it all the way to lockout again. That is one repetition. Let’s say you lower it in two seconds, raise it half way in one, lower back in one, and raise it back in one second. That is five seconds without any pauses. Throw in two pauses on the chest, and you are at seven total seconds. If any type of hypertrophy is achieved with a 20-50 second TUT guideline, 3-7 reps gets you in the game.

You might not think that seven reps is strongly hypertrophy producing, but using partial motions combined with full motions it adds up pretty quickly. The lower the reps, typically the more the sets, to get you into the overall repetition range you desire.

September 25

First and Final Word on This…

I had an email this morning from a member of Iron Addicts telling me I had a post edited by the board owner. I went and looked under my “Podcast” thread and the “ 2old2quit 30% discount coupon” had been edited out. It is the board owner’s decision and right to do that. He believes, I suppose, I am giving free advertising to CNP Performance.

Wesley started his board in January of 2004, I joined in February 2004 and was made a Mod immediately, eventually I was an Admin. In short I was there in the beginning (with Wesley going back to 1999), but I won’t be there in the end.

Three things to say:

  1. Wesley would have never edited my post, in fact, he would have supported any project I was a part of and encouraged it. Offering members a 30% off code benefits them; it also benefits those who listen to the Podcast. My plan is once the code has generated the business for CNP to offer a free product provided by CNP to the best question of the month. I am making NO money from this at all with CNP.
  2. No one outside of Wesley has more substantive posts on that board than I do. I put my time into that board building and growing it…and trying to maintain some activity since his death. Dan did much the same, so did Duffin and others. But the sum of my efforts are trivialized when I have a post edited to remove something that may very well benefit current IA members and is important to me. I’ve never spammed the board; I don’t even advertise my training services there out of respect for the board owner. In fact, just in June, I wrote a post telling people they should hire him in “What You Need to Know.”  The words and effort are all there on my end, you make the call. I received no PM or the like, which would have kept it private, and I won’t put this on the board for the sake of  any potential drama. I’ll say my piece and be done with it.
  3. I felt an obligation to stay after Wesley’s death to be sure his “voice” was still there in some sense. My obligation is over. Whether it will be there now in any sense outside of Wesley’s old posts, the member can decide. But, Wesley’s voice will always be heard through my Podcast and writings.

No hard feelings for John, I challenge anyone to find a bad word I’ve said or written about him. It is his board, I understand his decision. He didn’t ask me to leave.  John also didn’t ask to have the board dumped in his lap after Wesley’s untimely death. Iron Addicts is his with the blessing of Wesley’s family and I wish the best for the board in the future and all of its members.

For the record, here is the screenshot. I added that I will be inactive on the board from this point forward in my signature. I’ve made my last post on Iron Addicts, any members are always free to contact me here. It’s bittersweet but time to close that door for good. I’ve decided to start a monthly episode on my Podcast of “Thoughts from Wesley.” I’ll pay tribute to him in a way that keeps him relevant and helpful in ways that he changed my life, and can change yours too.