Something to think about…

The last week we had to make an unexpected trip to Mexico for a funeral. We ended up staying for a week and in the process I finished up revising my dissertation.

I had an interesting conversation with a female, in her 30’s, at the gym there. She had asked me a question and I answered it in detail. She seemed impressed and asked about my background so I told her. We talked for a few more minutes and then she asked me if I would “recommend a workout for her….” I gave her some general advice about doing both aerobic and anaerobic work. She then asked for specifics and wanted a workout “program.”

I had not assessed her for muscular imbalances nor did I know of any injuries she may have had in the past.  I did not know of any health issues she might be going through. I did not know her stress levels, job functions, her degree of flexibility, time commitments, past training experience, and many other things.

So, can I give her a “workout program”? No. And no one should without knowing those things and more. 


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