In Person Training

Who am I? Scott Dixon, MA, PhD (cand.), CSCS-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, CPT-Certified Personal Trainer, CISSN-Certified Sports Nutritionist, and KSI (King Sports International) Level 4 Coach. I have over 12,000 hours of client training sessions.

What do I offer? Personalized training based on your goals that will improve your conditioning, nutrition, strength, overall health, and flexibility. I train the whole person and believe that what we do in the gym can make your life better overall. Every person begins with an assessment of muscular structure, aerobic conditioning, and flexibility. Training is personalized to correct deficiencies and improve overall health.

Where do I train people? I have a private gym on my property in Norco, Ca. It is equipped with some of the best equipment you can find including Sorinex, Magnum, 2 power racks, numerous bars, dumbbells to 100lbs., functional trainer, 45 degree back raise, belt squat, and lat pulldown/row machine. I also have kettlebells, sleds, and other conditioning equipment. (Pictures at the bottom of the page)

What are my prices? Prices are based on the number of sessions per month. Sessions run from 50-65 minutes depending on what we are doing. Months are prepaid in full. Sessions that are not cancelled at least 12 hours ahead of time are not refunded or rescheduled.

One person, 8 times per month (2 times per week) $300 cash–$325 through Paypal.

One person, 12 times per month (3 times per week) $420 cash–$455 through Paypal.

Two people, 8 times per month (2 times per week) $340 cash–$365 through Paypal.

Two people, 12 times per month (3 times per week) $450 cash–$475 through Paypal.

Three people pay the same as 2 people. I don’t train more than 3 people per session. However, I only accept payment in cash for 3 people due to the hassle with Paypal.

Pictures of my facility: